Maple & White Design was founded in 2013 when South Bend native Becky Asleson decided to put her lifelong passion for design into formal practice. She began transforming interiors for discerning clients in northern Indiana and beyond. After several months, she found herself with a waiting list of projects in the Midwest and a budding reputation for delightful, carefully curated spaces and impeccable client service. Since 2013, Maple & White is pleased to have hired designers Sarah Wolf Petty and Megan Pocock, who each share the firm’s vision, energy and values, bringing exceptional creative talent to the fold.  


Maple & White is now a full-service interior design firm for residential and commercial projects. The firm is known for its ability to serve today’s busy families and professionals, as well as their commitment to truly listen to clients. Maple & White honors each client’s desired aesthetic and unique needs, while creating functionally beautiful spaces that inspire and delight.